Dovile Antusaite Sostakas


Blob Is Becoming establishes the space for defining the very human existence, which is pervasively interactive, fluid and viable. Blob is a direct product of its surroundings. It absorbs and digests information, appears everywhere and looks different depending on the place it has appeared in.The process of ‘becoming’ is an important part in Blob’s existence. Only through transformation, through the ‘becoming, does Blob reflect its surroundings and you. Blob offers a channel into a freed abstracted vision of unfigurative self, where the reality’s referencing is substituted with speculative novel conceptions. Blob’s purpose is to induce a more abstract way of existing.Blob unites, transforms and plays to connect, and increase one's self-awareness, challenging the habitual automation. Conceptually, Blob aims to access the multi-layered circumferential information within you and your surroundings. Blob is a visible and physical collection of your interpretations.Blob is attracted to outcasts, conflict and faux comfort. Blob is interested in solitude as well as crowds. It does not mind absurd, oversaturated metaphors or nothingness.

About Me:Like all artists, I use my work to respond to my surroundings – whether far-flung, actual or imagined. I aim to create a public response to questions of individuality, societal collectiveness and differentiated personalities. My work slips between minimalism and complex insights, utter abstraction and oversaturated metaphors.I am deeply influenced by the worldwide scene- differentiated societies, individual personal puzzles and modern dark ages. Life automation, meaningless suffering and inescapable physical reality are just a few of my continuing interests.Through its visual depiction, I am eager to use Blob, as a fictional contemporary agent to attract, access and utilise abstractive speculations, and in such a way to connect the viewer to their individual story.Recent graduate of MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins.